JMC Internet Services
Wireless Network Fair Usage Policy

Wireless network - Fair Usage Policy

Some of our wireless internet products offer our customers the flexibility of unlimited downloads per month. However, in order to provide a fast and reliable service to all our customers, this feature is subject to our Fair Usage Policy.

We will only impose a limit on the use of Wireless Broadband to prevent unusual use and abuse. If a customer regularly downloads or uploads in excess of the Fair Usage Level (FUL) which is currently set at 70GB per month, we may do one or both of the following:

(a) Ask you to moderate your use;

(b) If the customer does not modify their usage but continues to exceed the FUL for a further two consecutive months, we may apply traffic shaping to your connection to limit certain types of downloads. In severe cases, as reasonably determined by us, We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the customers service.

Where we suspect abuse or breach of this Fair Use Policy, we will try to contact you before taking any action in accordance with the above.

In addition, we monitor the network to make sure that very heavy users do not impact the majority of our customers. Only a very small number of customers will be defined as heavy users, and this will not include normal use such as browsing, emailing and VoIP. We may restrict their download speed to ensure that all of our customers receive a consistent and reliable connection.

In certain areas it may be possible to apply extensions to a service to increase the fair usage level, pricing can be obtained by emailing or calling 01743 817302.